Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting a Business License in Washington, DC

Getting your business license in can be quite a distraction. It can be maddening, and requiring a lot of  time and multiple trips to the government agencies involved with applying for DC business licenses.

Let our expert staff at D.C. Registered Agent, Inc. do it for you. Our professionals have been helping clients acquire business licenses in DC since 1994, so we’re very familiar with the application process and the government’s many requirements. If you make the smart choice to take care of your business while allowing us to handle the licensing process for you, you will be happier and will probably get your license in significantly less time than if you did it on your own. We can handle everything by phone and email if you prefer, and you’ll never have to leave your office to go stand in lines at government agencies.

First, we’ll help you determine the specific type of business license you need (DC has dozens of possibilities, and if you choose the wrong one, it’s like having no license at all). We’ll then help you determine what supporting documents you need to gather for the application packet while we prepare the application packet for your signature.

Don’t spend days lost in a maze of license types, application forms, certificates of occupancy and tax registration, statements and affidavits of various kinds, clean hands certifications, and proof of corporate registrations—just to name a few of the things that are involved! Let us do it for you. Call us today at 202.457.4299 or visit our website at