Monday, December 1, 2014

Hire the Best Registered Agent—It Costs Less Than You Think

Let Us Take Some Work Off Your Plate

Time is money. You want your business to be a success, and that usually means you work very hard for long hours every day. You need to deal with clients and employees, as well as taking care of large and small things that keep your business going. What you don’t need to do is to spend your valuable time standing in line, doing the many routine but very important tasks that keep you properly chartered and licensed by the government. At D.C. Registered Agent, Inc., we have been taking care of those tasks for our clients since 1994. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff would love to help you with these things, too.

Don’t Pay More Than You Have To

Missing important notices can cost you big money. Although the D.C. Government does not send all official notices to your registered agent, it does send your agent the majority of such notices. Whether it is notice of an infraction, a notice to file required reports, papers, or renewals, or a notice of changes in laws or procedures, you need to receive these documents promptly because missing them almost always costs you money. Court papers can be particularly urgent since not knowing about a legal action against you can result in a default judgment against you—in other words, you can lose the lawsuit without ever having your day in court! At D.C. Registered Agent, Inc. it is our job to be on the lookout for these documents and get them to you right away. We send you any notices or papers we receive for you as soon as possible, usually within one business day.

Don’t Settle for Less than the Best

It is clearly in your best interests to have the highest quality registered agent you can find. D.C. Registered Agent, Inc. has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise, which can be yours for only 27 cents a day. Our highly qualified staff is waiting to hear from you. Hire the best and don’t settle for less. Call us today at 202.457.4299 or visit our website at