Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feeling Squeezed?
Old Fees for Company Registrations vs. Today

Articles of Incorporation: $100 in 2000 ($220 today, up 220%)
General Contractor License: $262 in 2000 ($654.50 today, up 250%)
Home Improvement Contractor License: $64 in 2000 ($288.20 today, up 450%)
Biennial Report: $100 in 2000 ($300 today, up 300%)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why D.C. Registered Agent, Inc. Is the Best Choice You Can Make

D.C. Registered Agent, Inc. is the best choice you can make to represent your business. We know you have many choices, and we want to outline a few of the reasons we are the best:
  1. We have done business only in the District of Columbia since 1994. We have a high level of experience with and knowledge of the laws and agencies in D.C. and can make your transactions very smooth and painless.
  2. We are physically located in D.C. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t operate from another state or have a mere “satellite office” in D.C. Our office is at 1120 20th Street, NW, in Washington, and our entire staff works from here. We are open during regular business hours every day except on weekends.
  3. We have a staff of highly trained professionals who know how to take care of you and provide prompt and courteous service.
  4. We go to various D.C. Government offices almost every day. We know our way around and can provide “1 business day” or even “same day service” when required.
  5. We have a low annual fee with no hidden charges. Some of our competitors offer unrealistically low fees or say they offer “free service.” But think—nobody can afford to do business for free or very little money, so their “low cost or free” services are riddled with hidden fees. For example:
    1. Almost all of our competitors will charge you a fee every time they send you something. But D.C. Registered Agent does not charge you anything extra for sending papers to you unless you require Federal Express service, in which case we ask you to pay the Fed Ex fees.
    2. Many of our competitors will charge you extra fees for compliance notices. D.C. Registered Agent does not. We immediately forward to you any compliance notices we receive at no additional charge.
    3. Many of our competitors charge large additional fees for conducting any transactions for you. But D.C. Registered Agent charges reasonable fees for conducting any transactions on your behalf.
    4. Many competitors do business across the country. They maintain only a “shadow presence” in D.C., with a mail drop here or only a tiny satellite office staffed with people who have little knowledge of how to serve your company and fulfill your needs. But D.C. Registered Agent only does business in D.C. and our entire operation is located here. We offer a professional staff and lots of knowledge and experience to fulfill your needs.

Keep in mind the old saying that is still true: “Nothing good is ever free.” D.C. Registered Agent, Inc. offers you an unrivaled level of high quality, professional service for a very reasonable fee—about 27 cents per day. Tell us how we can serve your needs today. Visit our secure website at D.C. Registered Agent, Inc., or call us at 202-457-4299.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When Am I Required to Obtain a Business License in the District of Columbia?

Let D.C. Registered Agent, Inc. help you to be in compliance easily.

D.C. law requires all businesses operating in or deriving income from the District to hold a valid license in order to operate legally. Since D.C. issues many different kinds of licenses, it is important to be sure you’re applying for the correct license, and, if your license requires a specific endorsement, it is important to apply for that as well. Holding the wrong license, or lacking a required endorsement, is the same as being unlicensed—you’ll have wasted a lot of money, time, and trouble, and you will have to start all over again and spend more money and time acquiring the correct license, and you may be liable for quite substantial fees and penalties. Importantly, even if you operate out of your home, you’re still required to obtain the correct business license and any applicable endorsements.

What kinds of businesses do not have to be licensed? None are exempt! All business must be licensed. However, if you hold a current required professional license, or if you are a multi-member firm or practice and your practitioners are required to maintain licensure by a local, state, or national certification body, those professional licenses are the only licenses required. Only this small, specific group does not have to obtain a D.C. business license—all others have to have one. Whether you are a consultant, a small business, a sole proprietor, or anything else, you still are required to be properly licensed. In addition, some kinds of business, like contractors, need very specialized licenses and endorsements, with a lot of supporting paperwork required. Importantly, completing your corporate registration (registering your LLC, corporation, etc. in D.C.) is not the same as obtaining a business license.

The licensing process can be confusing and is always time-consuming, so why not let D.C. Registered Agent, Inc.’s expert staff handle it for you. We’ve been helping every kind of business acquire the correct licenses in D.C. since 1994, so we’re very familiar with the application process and the government’s many requirements. We can even handle everything by phone and email if you prefer, so you’ll never have to leave your office or go stand in lines at government agencies. Call us today at 202.457.4299 or visit our website at

D.C. Registered Agent, Inc:
   •  Only office located in downtown D.C. on 20th Street, NW.
   •  Working only in D.C. since 1994.
   •  Expert, professional staff.
   •  Individualized service—you're not just a number.
   •  No hidden fees for registered agent service—one modest annual fee is all you pay.

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Monday, May 4, 2015